7 Things Businesses Require from Their Internet Service Providers

When it comes to your business, these 7 things will decide you ISP’s fate.

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You are well aware of the fact that issues with internet connection may have a complete disruptive effect on your business. Choosing an internet connection and plan for your office is very different from choosing one for your home and requires careful consideration of several factors. After all, it can have grave consequences ranging from demotivated employees, wastage of time, disgruntled clients and even financial implications!

Here’s a checklist for you to consider while deciding upon an Internet Service Provider to cater to your enterprise internet needs:

1. IP address: An IP address is basically the internet equivalent of a physical street address. Now, the default process followed by most ISPs is assigning an IP address to you through DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) which essentially means that you’ll be assigned a different IP address based on availability each time you log on to the internet. Now, this works fine for most situations except when you’re hosting your own email, web or other server and this requires a static i.e. a fixed IP address.It is definitely not simple and not even possible all the time to make a switch from DHCP to Static addresses once you subscribe to a DHCP based connection. Often overlooked by a lot of business, it is one of the most critical aspects to ponder upon while making the decision.

2. Firewall/Router – This is a device that sits at the “edge” of your network, protecting you from malicious attacks by keeping bad things out during handling traffic routing for your outbound and inbound data. It is that extra layer of security that your business absolutely cannot do without. It varies from DSL to fiber optic connection and the amount of data that your company is expected to handle. You can get in touch with Tikona Broadband Services at and our company executives will guide you through the process after understanding your business needs.

3. Accessible technical support and SLAs – With internet downtime having huge implications on any business, customer support and service has assumed an even bigger role over the past decade. The availability of 24X7X365 days support, field response policies with measurable targets, adherence to SLAs in case of outages are major governing factors for all businesses looking for a new or changing to a different ISP.

4. Lead Time – Be it while establishing a new office from the scratch or changing ISPs or moving to a different location, it’s important to keep in mind that most ISPs have a 30-60 day lead time. Hence, it is imperative and mandatory to plan ahead in these situations and not put off the decision until it’s too late.

5. Bandwidth needs - It’s your business and you need to know it well enough to ascertain your bandwidth need. Often businesses are forced to go for changing ISPs and enterprise plans since their bandwidth needs keep changing too. Whether you use video conferencing ever so often or you store huge volumes of data on cloud and access them from the cloud thereafter, or if your internet need is limited to email/web access – these are a few criteria which determine your bandwidth need. Be sure to map the same to the package provided by the ISP before signing a contract.

6. Equipment quality and flexibility – Modems and other other network equipment should always complement your internet needs. Hence, it pays to understand what kind of infrastructure will support your need the best and then take a decision based on whether you should buy your own, buy it from the ISP or take it on lease from the ISP.

7. Pricing – While it is a very important governing factor, it shouldn’t be the primary factor! Considering how significant Internet circuits are to businesses today, pricing is in fact the last factor that should play a role in your decision. If your requirements and IT infrastructure are mapped properly, it is bound to be a worthwhile investment in every way!

At Tikona broadband services, we provide several enterprise internet packages for your office wifi needs – wireless broadband, leased lines etc. Know more at http://www.tikona.in/for-office  or get in touch with us at 1800 209 0044.

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