Benefits of Unlimited Plans over Ordinary Data Limited Plans

Types of Internet Plans

You may have often heard of unlimited plans from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is a plan that an ISP in India offers to subscribers to cater to their requirements. This is akin to having a buffet lunch. Ordinary data limited plans are akin to a la carte lunch.

Prepaid Data Limit Internet Plan

The features of an ordinary data limit Internet plan from an ISP may include certain amount of data download (upload included) measured in MB or GB for a specific period of time – say 1 month. You can consume this data at a specific speed – say 32 Mbps. The ISP will charge you a certain amount for this plan. This plan ends when either the month ends or you have consumed 30 GB of data. You lose if you do not consume 30 GB data in the month. But what you gain is the continuous speed of 32 Mbps throughout the month. If you consume 30 GB in 20 days, then you have no Internet connection for the remaining 10 days of the month.  However, the ISP‘s in India will offer you a continuation of service probably on a pro-rata basis in other ways such as the recharge vouchers which Tikona Broadband offers.

FUP Limit Internet Plan

In an unlimited monthly Internet plan, the Internet Service Provider will offer you broadband services with limits specified in terms of GB and speed. Beyond that, you can get unlimited data at lower speed. For instance, if you have opted for a 30 GB plan at 32 Mbps speed, then you get to use the speed of 32 Mbps till you consume 30 GB. Once you cross the 30 GB limit, then your speed reduces to 2 Mbps for the rest of the month. You can continue to use the broadband service at 2Mbps without any GB limit.

Pure Unlimited Plan

As a user who is heavily dependent on the internet, you may want to choose a life of convenience where your internet speed will be maintained at the promised speed throughout the given month with no data usage limit. Tikona Broadband offers just that for you with their ‘Pure unlimited plan’.

Each Internet plan comes with its pros and cons. You have to assess your requirement and choose the appropriate plan. The ISP in India charges you higher rate for higher Mbps (speeds) and higher GB (data download limit). If you are a moderate user, not very particular about speed, then you can opt for a lower speed and higher data. On the other hand, if your requirement is for higher speeds intermittently, then a higher speed connection with higher GBs is appropriate. ISPs like Tikona Broadband provide a host of tariff plans in all of the above categories that you can choose from based on your need.

A few months of trial and error will help you to determine your requirement and you can opt for an Internet plan that best suits your need.

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