BYOD and Wi-Fi hotspots in office

Businesses and offices are getting tech-friendly. There is a definite increase in the usage of mobile internet devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones along with the regular PCs in workplaces. And now we are moving beyond traditional office spaces.

In a nutshell, the following change has been seen in the Indian corporate scene:

  • From limited connectivity to always on and anywhere connectivity
  • From restricted internet access to employee paid access
  • From fixed primary device to mobile primary device
  • From one device for one task to one device for multiple tasks
  • From IT choosing a device for users to employees demanding for a device of their choice
  • From IT controlling the device to freedom for personal use of device

Owing to these changes, employers are now looking at other avenues and encouraging ‘Work From Home’ and BYOD practices. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Employees are now carrying work home and accessing web information from the same device during office hours. The difference between work and personal life is slowly blurring.

This affects the office LAN in the following ways:

  • Mobile devices need connectivity through 2G / 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Office Wi-Fi network cannot handle the load of these extra devices
  • About 80% of mobile data usage happens while in office and 20% on the move
  • Slower speeds on 2G / 3G and poor customer experience
  • Office broadband turns out more expensive than 2G / 3G
  • Higher reimbursement payouts to employees

To address the rising needs of the workforce and BYOD, Tikona brings to you unique combinations that include:

  1. Differential internet access
  2. Secured office Wi-Fi with hotspots
  3. Telecommute: Wireless home broadband services

Tikona’s differential internet access is a perfect solution for specific office problems and challenges.

It provides speed as per the role and requirement

It reserves bandwidth for critical business applications

It ensures control over internet and applications during office hours

This is ideal for branch offices, regional offices and headquarters. With this, you get an internet leased line of 512 Kbps and upwards. It generates user reports on bandwidth, applications and web usage.

Wi-Fi in offices today have standard off-the-shelf access points with a DIY approach adopted by the office IT. There is a lack of awareness about Wi-Fi security. Solutions are not easily scalable and most of all, they are not equipped to handle the load of the smart devices used in offices today.

Tikona Secured Office Wi-Fi has the following features that tackles these issues in a swift manner:

  • It is powered by smart Wi-Fi technology
  • It has powerful signal coverage
  • It performs consistently without any lags
  • It addresses Wi-Fi security through WPA-2 enterprise and patented DPSK technologies
  • It is easy to deploy and simple to manage

What’s more, you can deploy a Wi-Fi hotspot using the same infrastructure as Tikona Secured Office Wi-Fi solution. Employees will sign up for Tikona special corporate plans for use at their residences too and so they can use the same service at home and office.

Telecommute basically means using the same service at home as in office. All you have to do is subscribe for the all home service and use your devices without changing the connectivity settings.

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