Configuring mobile device for Tikona connection

Configuring your Mobile device for Tikona connection is simple. Just follow the instructions below -

Note: If you are using a personal Wi-Fi router, the below settings are not valid. For the same ensure that settings are as per Personal Router Configuration.

Ensure the following before you start configuration.
1. Your Mobile device is Wi-Fi enabled
2. It supports 802.1x, WPA2 Enterprise security feature.

Now go to settings section of your Mobile and set up the following parameters .

1. SSID/Network Name: tikonawifi
2. Security Type : 802.1x EAP or WPA2 Enterprise
3. EAP method /Subtype : PEAP (not required for Apple)
4. Phase 2 auth. Or Inner Link Security : MSCHAPV2 (only required for Nokia & BB)
5. User ID : Tikona User id
6. Password : tikona password
7. SSID Broadcasted : No
8. Network Mode : Infrastructure
9. Server Certificate Validation – Disabled

If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach us on our toll free number 1800 209 4276.

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