High Speed Internet: The need of the hour

Internet usage and downloads have almost tripled in the past five years. As of today, just having an internet connection is not enough; the connection should be fast as it gets things done quickly. Businesses thrive on a high speed internet plan as it keeps them at par with competition and generates profit. There are so many tasks that are almost impossible to perform with a slow internet connection and following are some that may persuade you to switch to a high speed broadband plan –

  • Faster Page load

We have all experienced waiting for several seconds or even minutes for a page to load. The annoyance of waiting certainly diminishes when you opt for a faster internet connection. We all love opening multiple tabs in our browsers but this will drastically increase the page loading time if you have a slow connection.

  • Flawless video streaming

With the rise of online streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. people are switching to the internet for their daily dose of entertainment rather than cable television. But, you get to enjoy flawless videos online only if you’ve a high speed internet connection. Otherwise you will end up stuck with the annoying buffering message that will leave you all high and dry. Nowadays, several live sporting events are streamed online and it’s impossible to view the event if on a slow connection.

  • Multiple Users

Multiple family members can enjoy the internet uninterrupted if you have high speed plan, otherwise it may end up being terribly slow and neither of you’ll be able to browse the net.

  • Good for businesses

A slow connection can be disastrous for any company, especially if it specializes in the IT sector. One can lose clients with the slightest error in broadband functioning and spell doom for the whole company and leave several employees out of jobs. A high speed broadband on the other hand keeps the organization ahead of its competitors and is a true contender in the business race. High speed internet results in improved efficiency and is a great revenue generator for the organization.

The speed of the internet directly depends on the material you’re using it for. A 512kbps pack is sufficient if the sole purpose is just browsing pages on the internet, but watching HD videos, listening to music and streaming live content needs a much better internet speed, somewhere around 2-4mbps. 

A look at the above pointers can convince you about the advantages of having a high speed broadband connection. So, if you haven’t switched to a faster connection yet, switch to one right now and break away from the misery of slow speed internet.

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