How to gain Maximum Efficiency from your Broadband

Look within to increase efficiency of your home broadband service

Typically, broadband is a service offered by outside agencies such as Tikona Broadband to connect to the Internet and through it to other devices connected to the same Internet. Since it is an outside resource, you tend to expect high quality service particularly in respect of speed of the connection and prompt service in the event of a breakdown.

However, instead of only concentrating on the performance of the ISP in India, you can also look at what you can do internally to enhance the efficiency of your home broadband connection.

Your computer paraphernalia could include computers, work stations, routers, modems, UPS, browsers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and laptops. The faulty settings of all these devices can affect the broadband performance.

You can follow the steps noted below to improve the efficacy of your broadband connection to make it the best broadband connection for you.

Software programs

Ensure that you close down all the unwanted programs running in the background because they take up valuable download resource. You can use free versions of various programs to keep track of these unwanted programs.


Check for compatibility of your router with your plan from the Internet Service Provider. If you are using a Wi-Fi router, make sure there are no impediments in the way of transmission to other devices.

Web Browser

The web browser you are using could trouble you if you do not use the latest version and optimize it for your connection. Once you get the latest browser, ensure that you configure it to deliver the best browsing speed.

Settings on your computer

You can set your computer to perform optimally while downloading especially on high speed home broadband connections. If you do not, then you are at a risk of slowing down your connection. So, check your computer settings and do the necessary adjustments.

Check with your Service Provider

If you have taken care of your internal issues as described above, you can contact your ISP in India and check if the slow speed is a result of some fault in their service. Service providers like Tikona Broadband is available through their My Tikona App for 24 *7 support. They also provide proactive service assurance to ensure the best experience for you.

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