Improve Your Internet Experience with 4G

4G broadband has finally entered India. With plans for rapid expansion, it will not be long before 4G broadband reaches all the corners of the country. 4G technology will revolutionize the way Indians live, communicate, and do business, whether in urban or rural areas.

4G is the fourth generation of mobile communications technology. It is a combination of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and 3G. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is the most widely used technology for 4G networks.

Benefits of 4G

4G in India is a boon for the country, offering a number of benefits to users. The biggest advantage of a 4G network is its high speed. 4G speeds are nearly 4 times higher than the previous 3G speed. With such high-speed internet it becomes a lot easier to conduct a variety of tasks online, whether video conferencing with business clients or streaming music, videos, and movies. In addition, the process of setting up a broadband connection with 4G is a lot more convenient and efficient, as it involves a simple installation process, as compared to the long drawn procedures of previous broadband services.

4G signals are also a lot more reliable, offering improved connectivity to users. Understanding the rising importance of the internet, 4G networks will ensure that connectivity is never lost. With 4G, wireless broadband internet has wider coverage, as compared to limitations in the range of Wi-Fi signals. Moreover, 4G makes use of a robust security platform to provide users with a strong and highly secured network.

The entire communication process will be enhanced with 4G. The technology will be used not only in phones and laptops, but also in everyday gadgets like watches and televisions, among others.

Tikona’s 4G

4G services in India offer multiple benefits. Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Networks provides a superior experience to customers through its seamless network. Tikona 4G offers users lightning speeds for the transfer of a large amount of data. It provides speeds of up to 6 Mbps.

4G also introduces users to a whole range of value-added services. 4G services will allow consumers to use various features at costs that are nearly the same as those provided with 3G services. Part of this benefit may be attributed to the quick and hassle-free method of deployment of 4G services.

Tikona offers flexible plans for 4G LTE in India. There are different plans for homes and offices. Various tariff plans are offered, with customization options meant to allow users to pick packages that suit their usage and data requirements. With Tikona entering the fray, consumers are spoilt for choice and will have little trouble finding plans that suit their needs.

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