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Uninterrupted broadband internet network. 

Just what India needs.

How is India lagging behind?

With over 460 million Internet users, India ranks 3rd in the consumption of internet services all over the world and right after the developed economies of USA and China.  Yet, it is quite dismal that India ranked 67th in the world in February 2018 in terms of download speed over fixed broadband based on the Speedtest Global Index, with an average speed of 20.72 Mbps. While it shows a marked improvement over the previous average speed of 18.82 Mbps in November 2017, it is quite evident that India still has a long way to go in this regard!

A digitally empowered India – why is it so important?

With a high concentration of digital SMEs mushrooming in Tier 1 and Tier 2 towns in India, superfast internet connection is but the need of the hour. Truth be told, no industry or institution be it big or small can establish itself, survive and prosper without uninterrupted connectivity and ultra high speed broadband services. A city famous for job opportunities and a rich economy like New York is still investing a bulk amount of resources and efforts to ensure that every home and business can access the broadband speeds needed in the modern economy. Great internet connection is the single most important factor which can totally revolutionize all fields starting from education to healthcare to IT to BFSI and even the less obvious ones like agriculture! With the Digital India campaign running successfully since July,2015, internet connection has assumed an ever greater role in this burgeoning economy.

Wireless broadband or wifi is now common parlance in almost every household and is rather a necessity than a luxury like it was a decade back!

How is India progressing to keep up with the need of the hour?

Internet Service Providers in India  like Tikona Broadband are scaling up to ensure that good internet connection reaches to all parts of India including the rural sector and that is just what India needs to fuel its economic growth and improve the lives of the citizens. Striving hard to cater to the ever increasing demand of uninterrupted internet services and to provide impeccable service in those rare times when there is a breakdown, Tikona is working towards a new digitally empowered India where buffering is but a thing of the past. One major pre-requisite of increasing speed of a broadband connection is the establishment of fiber optic cable network. Though this entire process is slow and expensive, India is steadily progressing with the same.

Stay connected with Tikona’s fast and secure internet services and be a part of the growing economy that is India! To know more, reach out to us at 1800 209 0044 or visit our website

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