Internet Leased Line and Its Efficiency for Businesses

Is your Internet Leased Line as efficient as you?
Here’s a checklist to find out.

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There’s is hardly anything which is more annoying when you’re in the midst of an important transaction online and your internet connection suddenly is lost or slows down. Now that every business is associated with an online component to varying degrees, an efficient internet connection is not just a luxury but a necessity, isn’t it? Let’s delve deeper into the nuances of an internet leased line for which you pay a premium amount and find out how efficient it is.

What is an Internet Leased Line?

A dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection is what is commonly referred to as Internet Leased Line. Let us now decode these jargons for you.

You may have noticed that while your internet connection works perfectly fine during the odd hours of the day say, at night or in the afternoon, it becomes slow and sluggish during the peak hours like in the morning and the evening. That happens when you’re sharing your internet connection with several others in your locality and your bandwidth varies with the number of people who log in simultaneously. An internet line which is dedicated solely for you and provides you with a fixed bandwidth at all times of the day takes care of this problem. Thus it scores over broadband and you can be assured of constant, uninterrupted connection without any buffering and glitches while using an Internet Leased Line.

Furthermore, this steadfast and top-notch internet technology mostly uses fiber optics cable and come with certain SLAs from the Internet Service Provider. As the direct provider of your line, Internet Service Provides like Tikona provide 24/7 business phone support and can resolve any problems within the agreed upon SLA. Thus it is extremely reliable and comes with full-support.

One other feature that you are always looking for when it comes to an Internet plan is its speed. With a speed ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, this is the perfect solution to your internet speed woes.

This enterprise internet package also comes with a symmetric connection i.e. it has equal upload and download speeds. For all modern day businesses which rely heavily on data storage on the cloud or video conference calls, upload speed is as important as download speed. This empowers the Internet Leased Lines with the flexibility to carry all forms of communications like such as VPN access, phone calls and internet traffic.

Last but definitely not the least, since you’re the only recipient, the connection provided is extremely private and secure. That makes it ideal for all businesses which handle sensitive client information especially those in the finance and professional services industry.

An office wifi as an internet Leased Line with the guarantee of being fast and reliable is an absolute necessity in today’s world. All businesses come with unique challenges of their own and with a stable internet connection like Leased Line, all business owners are benefitted since there’s at least one less thing to worry about! Efficient and dependable, it is truly a worthwhile investment!

Know more about the enterprise internet packages offered by Tikona here or get in touch with us at 1800 209 0044.

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