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SME or (Small to Medium Enterprise) are manufacturing and services enterprises whose turnover does not exceed 10 crore or 5 crore rupees. In India there are several millions of SMEs spread across business segments such as Small scale Manufacturing, Auto Ancillaries, FMCG, International – Domestic Trading, Travel & Tourism, Media and Entertainment.

Another report states that ‘90% of Indian SMEs have no access to Internet compared with only 22 percent of SMEs in China and 5% SMEs in USA’. It also stated that leveraging the latest IT tools and technology can boost revenues by $56 billion and create 1.1 million new jobs.

While the SME sector employs 25% of India’s workforce, it contributes only about 22% to the country’s GDP, according to the Economic Survey conducted in the middle of 2013. One of the primary reasons for this has been the sector’s slow adoption of technology such as Internet.

What are the challenges faced by SME towards Internet adoption?

  1. Technology Intimidation: Many SME decision-makers know very less about the IT needs of their business and thus find it too complex to adopt.
  2. Lack of IT team or individual: These SME’s seldom have an IT team or even an IT manager to define business requirements and respectively map it into related ICT solutions.
  3. High Cost: The perceived High cost of setting up a team and IT infrastructure is a big deterrent to adoption of technology.
  4. Connectivity: SME’s usually are located in remote areas of cities where the cost of real estate is lesser. In such areas, there are very few broadband providers

What type of Internet is suited for an SME?

Let us compare the primary choices Regular Broadband and Internet Leased Line

Regular Broadband

SLA based Leased Line


Very Expensive

Shared Bandwidth with multiple users

Dedicated 1:1 bandwidth

Suitable for small offices with 2-3 PC’s

Suitable for businesses with more than 25 PC’s

Static IP not provided

Static IPs provided


There are pros and cons for both these options & if only the price component was not an issue, any SME would opt for an SLA based Internet Leased Line. That being said, there is definitely another option which can offer high bandwidth of SLA based Internet Leased Line at a comparatively lower cost during the productive and operational hours of an SME.

In its aspiration to provide high quality internet connectivity at affordable prices to growing SMEs, Tikona’s Value Internet Leased Line offers 1:1 dedicated bandwidth during office hours (8 AM to 8 PM) and falls back to a lower contention (1:8) during the non working hours.

Value Internet Solutions by Tikona provide:

  • 1:1 Bandwidth during business hours (Industry first in India!)
  • Plan options up to 2 Mbps
  • Static IP In-Built
  • True Unlimited: All SME plans provide Unlimited Downloads

Tikona Value Internet Leased Line costs 30-40% lesser than Standard Internet Leased lines costs.

If you would like to know more about Value Internet Leased Line, connect with us on

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