Is it easy being a woman? Tikona interviews an extraordinary woman

An inside scoop on a woman’s life

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Tikona gets in conversation with an everyday woman. Here’s a glimpse of what she had to say when we asked her “Is being a woman difficult?”

Everyday Woman: Hahaha! Not being a woman is not easy! Right from taking care of my family to ensuring that my work stands out, I am constantly juggling roles and responsibilities. I have never been able to switch off from one role and switch on another; when I am home, I am still sending out work related emails, following up with my team and constantly thinking of new ideas to make my business better. When I am at work, I am constantly connected with family; following up with my child to ensure that his homework is complete, ensuring that my mother doesn’t forget to take her medicines, keeping a track of my husband’s business-trip schedule.

Tikona: So how do you do it?

Everyday Woman: Well, I think it’s easy. I am a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a boss, an employee, a friend and a relationship advisor. I am all that and more. Not because I have mastered the art of multitasking but because these roles are an extension of my own self. There’s no doubt that technology today has made these roles easier to play out. My Tikona Broadband connection ensures that I am on top of my game even when I am not at work. My Smart Applicances ensure that the dinner is hot and ready to serve by the time I reach home. My security system helps me stay abreast with whatever is happening at home even while I am away.

Tikona: Given an option, do you think you’ll ever choose not being a woman?

Everyday Woman: I wouldn’t be anything else except a woman because all I ever know is being at the heart of everything that happens at home and work!

This is a piece of fiction that stays close to reality!

Tikona wishes every woman a very Happy Women’s Day.

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