My Personal Tikona Broadband Review

Rohit Kalita
Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience using Tikona broadband. Thing is, I have only been using it recently. Around a year back, I used to use a somewhat faulty internet connection, which I was fed up of. The main issue with that particular ISP was that during the monsoon season, there were a lot of occasions when the connection stopped working altogether, sometimes right in the middle of some important work. This would severely affect the projects I’m working on. It was high time that I looked for a new internet service provider.

How I came to know about Tikona?

I saw an ad about Tikona online when I was researching for new ISPs. After that, I read few of the Tikona reviews that were written by their subscribers, which I found quite interesting. That is one of the reasons I am writing this short review blog as well. Furthermore, after talking to a couple of friends, I was convinced that this ISP is worth considering. So I visited their website for further details and looked up few of their wireless internet plans.

How was Tikona connection installed?

Tikona’s installation process was pretty fast. I had contacted the company via its website after browsing through all the plans and finally selecting one. The required infrastructure was installed within the 24 hours of booking. There were two routers installed. One was installed on the terrace. From there, a cable was used to connect the second one that was installed at home. Since then, I have been able to access the Tikona broadband service on any device with Wi-Fi.

My Tikona review and rating

When it comes to connectivity and broadband speed, I must admit that it is quite consistent and doesn’t fail at all. And another important factor is that the speed is always good and never falls below the expected limit. The videos I watch/stream rarely buffers and whenever I try to download something, I can do it quickly without any issue.

Another crucial part of any service is the customer care that the company provides. My experience with their support staff member is quite positive and I only have good things to share. So few weeks back, I needed to move out of my current place for a few days due to work and hence, paying for the internet connection when no one was around to use it seemed like a waste of money. I needed a solution for that and so I called the Tikona customer care. They were very patient with my queries and advised me to convert my unlimited plan to prepaid and not to pay up till I use the connection again. Since this was a tedious process and I had to take a lot of calls from their end in order to change my plans, I had to provide them with suitable dates and timings when they can reach me. The executive with whom I shared these details was Asmita Mhatre and she was clear with the solutions and had a comprehensive knowledge of all the products and plans that Tikona offers, which is quite rare amongst any service based agency’s customer care. I quite appreciate this aspect of Tikona broadband.

To sum it all up, I have been using Tikona’s internet service for the past six months and in that time, I didn’t find any problem with it. I recently paid the subscription amount for the next three months and I’m very happy with their services. The only drawback which I think could be resolved is that Tikona does not have router/modem support, which can be an issue if you wish to have multiple devices connected 24×7. Other than that, I have to say you can go ahead and just buy their services, if you’re in need of an internet connection. The connectivity is pretty damn good and you can expect proper support from their end, should you face any problem. Definitely recommended.

Installation service- 8/10

Speed- 9/10

Connectivity- 8/10

Customer service- 10/10

My overall rating- 8/10

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