Personal Router Configuration Guide

Do you have a personal router at home? Or have you just bought a personal router? To make the installation easy and hassle free we have put together simple instructions guide. Configuration details will vary depending on the model of your router, but this short guide will provide common steps involved.

1. Connect your Desktop/Laptop to Wi-Fi Router via LAN Cable.

2. Visit your router’s login page and enter your username and password.

Note: You can find these details in the router manufacturer’s guide received.

3. Wireless Settings should be as below:

Network Name/ SSID: An SSID is the name of a wireless network that all wireless devices must have. Ensure there are no spaces or special characters in the network name you choose.

Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enable Broadcast

Region: Asia/ India ( As per options available in settings)

Channel: Keep it on Auto mode, If Auto option is not there then select any random Channel

Mode: Mixed/ Both b and g mode

Security Option: WPA2 PSK (Wi-Fi protected access Pre-Shared Key)

Passphrase Key: Set your key as per your convenience taking care to use a <insert minimum character, alphanumeric>

Note: Make sure that your passphrase key has a strong keyword so that no one can guess it easily. A Strong Passphrase key will help keep your connection secure.


4. Internet/ WAN Settings:

Internet Settings: Select Option from one of the below

Dynamic IP/ Get Dynamically From ISP/ Automatic Configuration-DHCP

5.LAN Settings:

This setting will specify the IP Settings allotted to your Device (Laptop/Smart Device, etc).

LAN Settings/Router Settings/DHCP Server Settings: Keep this on DHCP.

> Finally, Save above settings and remove the cable from the Router.

> Restart the Router.

> Now you can view SSID which you have broadcasted, on laptop Wi-Fi utility.

Click on SSID, It will ask for Passphrase Key, Enter same key which you have set on router configuration.

> Now open browser and go to Login page

At this point your router must be configured for Tikona Broadband connection. If you are still not able to access Tikona’s login page, kindly call us on 1800 209 4276

Alternatively, you can opt for Tikona @ll Home secured Wi-Fi that is fully compliant with government (DoT) directives on wireless home security. The solution comes with a pre-configured CPE/router having a hassle free plug-n-play functionality.

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  2. abhishek says:

    it’s use full for all customers.

  3. Sachin says:

    is it possible to configure Tikona login credentials (UserID and password) also in the router (Access Point) so that on connecting to the SSID we do not need to go to tikona login page again and login?

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