Test your Internet Speeds Online

Network speed is crucial to every aspect of the online user experience. Streaming videos, downloading files and multi-tasking on the web becomes efficient and enjoyable only with high speed. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will specify the speed of your connection as per your plan. Whether you are actually provided with the speed that you are paying for or not, is something that you should figure out for yourself. This can be done easily by testing internet speeds online.

Websites for Speed Test

To perform an internet speed test online you can use a number of websites. Unfortunately, many of these websites may have pop-up advertisements or will trick users into downloading junk software. Always look for a reputed site to perform these tests. DSLReports.com is one of the most accurate and clutter-free websites among these. Speedtest.net is another website that will give you fairly accurate results. This website is operated by Ookla, which is a network performance company. These results will help you determine if you are getting the bandwidth you pay for. It will make you aware of the happenings over your Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), or Virtual Private Network (VPN). Speed test requires Flash and hence it cannot function on iOS devices. Flash does not run well on smart phones and tablets either, and hence Speed test is best used for testing internet speeds on windows PCs. Speedof.me is a new website used for speed tests. It is popular on other devices as it does not require Java or Flash. Geek Squad is an Ookla website for broadband speed tests. It measures the speed from your place to the location of the server. Opting for the closest server will fetch you the most accurate results.

Testing the Speed

Speed testing websites will give you the ping or latency, which is the time that a single packet from the network takes to reach the host website. On an excellent internet connection, the ping time is low, ideally less than 10 milliseconds. Ping below 50 milliseconds is also considered good. Additionally, the results should also have high download and upload speeds, obviously depending on the bandwidth you are paying for. Test the connection more than once to be sure of the results. Sometimes, the speed may be slow due to an interference or overburdened network. Closing other programs that use online resources also helps fetch more accurate results. During the wireless internet speed test, you may not get the exact figures, but getting a result close to the specified speed is sufficient. Online speed testing is very easy. Test your internet’s speed regularly as it will help assess the quality of your network.

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