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Tikona Digital Networks Pvt Ltd (TDN) is an all India Class-A Internet Service Provider with services offered in top 25 cities of India. Tikona also possesses 20 MHz spectrum in the 2300 MHz band for offering 4G LTE services, in five large circles of India namely Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP-East, UP-West and HP. Tikona’s wireless Broadband service offering relies on a disruptive network architecture that creates ‘cost and capacity’ leadership in a price-sensitive market. The company has built possibly the world’s largest outdoor Wi-Fi network infrastructure with about 40K access points. Additionally, it is also one of the first companies in the world to use unlicensed spectrum bandwidth for building a secure wireless network to offer high quality broadband service at competitive prices alongside innovative products and customer service elements.

Tikona envisions a powerful broadband-enabled India and this vision propels the company’s execution plan to make broadband reachable and affordable to millions without compromising on quality and while giving a wholesome Broadband experience to both retail and enterprise consumers in respect of Speed, Service, Savings and Security. Tikona closely observes user trends and constantly tracks ecosystem developments in order to realise meaningful innovations that can eventually benefit its customers.

Customer is the most important part of its business for Tikona. This explains why Tikona has always managed to lead by keeping the needs of its users in mind. Take, for example, Tikona’s ‘Test speed, then Pay’ concept, a first-of-its kind in the industry that benefits subscribers in that it allows them to experience the service first, test the offerings before they make the decision to subscribe to Tikona’s service.

Keeping ‘innovation in service’ at the helm, Tikona has also pioneered product features such as: ‘No GB restriction and no speed downgrade’, for instance. This particular offering provides abundant or unlimited GBs the customers, without downgrading their connection speed and allowing customers to maximize their consumption in a natural contention setting, which means that the speed remains unchanged even after a customer has consumed the fair usage quota, as long as the number of simultaneous users or network traffic is not at its peak level at the time of usage of the service.

While continuously studying the needs of the consumers – to ensure that they get the best broadband service — Tikona continues to make breakthroughs to offer assured quality services. This has been done by building and optimizing a centralized customer care and remote fault diagnosis unit resulting in world-class performance in customer service, billing and collection metrics.

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