Tikona Introduces 4 New Wireless Broadband Plans

With a significant increase in the consumption of internet and demand for higher broadband speeds, Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) has launched four new bonus bandwidth plans that promise seamless connectivity, higher bundled usage and faster downloads.

The new bonus bandwidth plans are introduced in two broad based categories: Light usage up to 15GB/month and Medium usage – 25GB to 50GB/month.

light usage



With this, users can now take advantage of higher bundled GB usage and choose from a range of tariff plans that best suit their needs. Not just that, some of the earlier broadband plans in medium usage & heavy usage categories have also been revised, offering 15 times more GBs at great speed and price.


Additionally, TDN now offers higher bundled GB usage for ‘BillFree Plan’, putting more power in the hands of users and letting them enjoy access on multiple devices with speed up to 4Mbps and upgrade their plan as and when required with renewal vouchers available for as low as 6 paise per MB.

Not just this, special discounts are available for users who opt for Advance Rental Scheme.


Being one of the leading tariff innovators in the broadband category, TDNs tariff plans have been developed as per the usage trends observed across users in 25 Tier I & II cities. TDN intends to offer more such plans that fit every pocket and suit the needs of modern-age subscribers.

Click here  to view all the plans provided by us.

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