Tikona Value Internet Leased Line

According to a statistic, over 57% of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in India use internet as a sales channel to get direct business leads. It is imperative to have an internet connection that meets your needs without adding to business overheads. The usual options available in the market include a regular broadband plan and a SLA (Service Level Agreement) based leased line. Broadband plans are economical, come with a condition of sharing bandwidth with multiple users, are suitable for small offices with only 2-3 PCs and come without a static IP. On the contrary, SLA based leased line is expensive but comes with a 1:1 dedicated bandwidth and is suitable for businesses with more than 25 PCs. Apparently, both these options are not satisfactory for the specific internet requirements of SMEs.

At Tikona, we have a perfect solution that brings the best of both worlds. TheTikona Value Internet Leased Line gives you flexibility and convenience of optimal internet usage. It comes with the following features and benefits:

  • Dedicated bandwidth:

You can enjoy a dedicated 1:1 bandwidth between 8 AM to 8 PM, which are usually the business hours for an SME.

  • Always ON internet connection:

Your internet connection will always be on with one static IP without having to pay heavy tariffs.

  • Speed options:

You can choose your desired speeds from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

  • Self care Portal:

The portal lets you manage your account, check your service request, pay bills, and check your internet utilisation easily and quickly.

  • Unlimited downloads:

You can maximise your business goals with no cap on downloading feature.

  • Savings:

You can save up to 50% on the cost as compared to other plans.

Here’s an example of how Tikona Value Leased Line helped a SME-owner, Mr. Kartik.

Mr. Kartik started his travel business with a team of 3. In just a year’s time, the office strength grew to 20. With sizable growth, it became necessary to upgrade the company’s infrastructure, more importantly internet connectivity. He had been using a regular broadband connection that served the business purpose. With more PCs taking up internet bandwidth, the speed suffered in spite of paying high costs. Employees had to wait before finalising packages for their customers. Pictures took longer to upload. They found it difficult to show itinerary videos to customers. There was discord within the team and work got delayed because of shared IP. Just then, Mr. Kartik happened to know about Tikona Value Internet Leased Line. After learning about its business-specific advantages, he decided to install it immediately. In just a few days, work started getting smoother and quicker. Since the connection was most active during office hours, the company could utilise a fully powered connection. The money spent on internet connectivity was fully justified and hence, overheads came down too. Due to separate IP address the connection was accessed by all devices without having to login repeatedly. Overall, the office was quite internet-happy. The small issues they had were resolved by the Tikona support team promptly.

Take a look at the competitive prices offered for various plans available with us:


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