Tikona’s New Bill Free Recharge Vouchers

We are almost always connected to the internet, especially at home. The increasing demand for richer, newer Wi-Fi devices calls for a superior wireless broadband connection. What our generation needs is a one stop solution that is affordable and offers flexible tariff plans.

Keeping these needs in mind, Tikona Digital Networks introduced ‘Bill Free Plans’ that provides hassle free bill payment techniques, superior speed, security and control on your bills, which can be recharged if need be.

Tikona offers a host of high-speed and cost-effective recharge vouchers based on your usage. The new Bill Free Recharge Vouchers provide better bundled usage, Rs. 4 per MB, which is lesser than the previous rate of Rs. 6 per MB.

New Bill Free Recharge Vouchers:



To recharge your Tikona Bill Free account use the recharge or top up link available on the post-login page or use Selfcare.

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