Troubleshooting common login error messages

We have prepared a quick guide to help you understand and troubleshoot the error messages while trying to login –

1. Authentication failed. Reason [Incorrect Username or Password]

Description: This error message appears when a wrong username and/or password is entered.
Solution: Ensure you have entered correct username and password. In case you have forgotten your password, reset the same by following this step by step guide.

2. Authentication failed. Reason [Login failed, maximum allowed session reached]

Description: This error message appears if you have already reached the maximum number of simultaneous (concurrent) logins permissible against your plan. In such a case you will be able to login only if any of the existing session is disconnected.
Solution: If you desire higher number of simultaneous logins then you can change to the appropriate plan. Detailed information can be obtained on the plans page (Visit-

3. Authentication failed. Reason [Login failed, maximum allowed MAC Addresses reached.]

Description: Each device such as your Wi‐Fi mobile device, PADs, etc has a unique MAC ID. You will see the above error message when you have used maximum permissible number of devices i.e. MAC Ids.
Solution: Delete earlier registered MAC addresses to make way for the new device (MAC ID). Go to Selfcare portal ‐> My Tools ‐> My MAC addresses)

4. Authentication failed. Reason [You cannot start a session on this network]

Description: When one session from a particular ID is logged in on a network and the same user tries to login again at a different geographical location then this error message appears. For e.g. User 110001234 has logged in from Mumbai and the user or someone else tries to login from the same ID from different location i.e. Delhi then above Error will get displayed.
Solution: Disconnect any existing session that is not required and try to re-login.

5. Authentication Failed. Reason [Your password has expired. Please login to your account and update your password]

Description: When user’s password gets expired from the set date then above error will get displayed.
Solution: Please reset password with the help of this step by step guide –

6. Authentication failed. Reason [Dear Subscriber your account is currently not active. For more information please call Tikona Care on 18002094276]

i. You will receive this error if you have consumed allotted GBs as per your plan
ii. You may also encounter this error, if you have paid through cheque/DD and it has not reached the clearing stage or has got bounced. If you are paying by cheque/DD, then please allow for at least 7 days for your cheque to be cleared. Service shall be restored immediately upon realization of your cheque/DD.
iii. If you have dropped the cheque without mentioning your Billing Account Number (BAN) then it is likely that your cheque has got cleared but your service has not been restored yet. Please call Tikona Care on 1800 20 94276 and provide details of the cheque payment made. If the cheque payment made by you has been realized at Tikona end then we will pass the corresponding credit against your billing account to restore your service. Always remember to mention BAN when paying by cheque or DD.
Solution: Recharge your account OR ensure that you have paid your billing amount correctly.

7. Authentication failed. Reason [Dear Subscriber, your service is temporarily suspended. Kindly pay your bill if you have postpaid connection or recharge the account if you have prepaid connection to enjoy uninterrupted service.]

Description: You will receive this error is your services have been stopped for non bill payment or any other related reason.
Solution: Recharge your account OR pay your billing amount to restore service.

8. Authentication Failed: Reason [Dear Subscriber your Tikona Wi-Bro service is terminated. For re-subscribing Kindly call Toll free number 18002090044]

Description: User services are permanently stopped as per user request or non-payment of bill.
Solution: Call toll free number 18002090044 to re-subscribe.

If you require any further assistance, feel free to reach Tikona Care at 1800-20-94276

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