Unlimited Broadband Plans for New Customers

Tikona has won the hearts of many across India with its superior broadband services and flair for customer satisfaction. With a wide range of Internet plans to cater to a diversified audience, customers have a variety of plans to choose from depending on their data usage habits.

Tikona has a plethora of unlimited data plans all of which are tailor-made for a specific user category. So if you are not satisfied with your current broadband provider and desperately feel you need to make the switch, then Tikona is your best bet. The brand offers superior wireless broadband plans, regardless of whether you are a heavy, medium, or light data user.

Plans you can choose from

Choosing the right unlimited broadband plan requires you to be well-informed about the various categories under which the plans are offered by your broadband provider.  Here are three categories you probably fall under depending on your usage of data.

Heavy user: If you download large amounts of content on a regular basis, apart from engaging in online gaming and video streaming, then the heavy usage unlimited Internet plan is perfect for you.

Plan name Download speed FUP limit Post FUP download speed Subscription amount (per month)
ADBB10M1499 10 Mbps 75 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 1499
BBM4M1300 4 Mbps 120 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 1300
ADBB10M1999 10 Mbps 130 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 1999
BBM4M1700 4 Mbps 210 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 1700
BBM4M2000 4 Mbps 250 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 2000

Medium user: Are you using lesser data than your current Internet plan already offers? You must not compromise on your budget by opting for a larger unlimited broadband plan when your data needs fall under the medium category Choose the medium usage plan and effortlessly balance work and entertainment at affordable rates.

Plan name Download speed FUP limit Post FUP download speed Subscription amount (per month)
BBM4M750 4 Mbps 30 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 750
ADBB10M999 10 Mbps 35 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 999
BBM4M950 4 Mbps 50 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 950
BBM4M1050 4 Mbps 80 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 1050

Light user: If your data usage is restricted to work-related emails and social media, a light usage plan will suit you best. Tikona offers unlimited Internet plans at optimum speeds and reasonable rates.

Plan name Download speed FUP limit Post FUP download speed Subscription amount (per month)
BBM2M300 2 Mbps 5 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 300
BBM2M500 2 Mbps 10 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 500
BBM4M650 4 Mbps 15 GB 512 Kbps Rs. 650
ADBB10M799 10 Mbps 20 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 799

In addition to these, Tikona Broadband also includes special plans under its Flexi Usage category, which are exclusively designed for customers who have considerably low data needs.

Tips to buy unlimited Internet plans from

Finding the perfect broadband Internet plan is only half the job done. To get the benefits of Tikona’s high-speed broadband plans you need to make your booking. The procedure is simple, wherein you need to call Tikona’s customer support team. Thereafter, an installation team will be sent to your home to give you a free demonstration of Tikona Broadband’s speed and coverage. You can then confirm the order, make the payment, and submit the required documents immediately. If you have made the payment online or through cash, your services will be activated instantly. However, if you choose to pay by check, services will be activated only once the payment is acknowledged.

Tikona has a wide customer base in nearly 25 Indian cities. Diversifying its offerings to meet the growing demand for unlimited Wi-Fi plans for homes, Tikona has effortlessly emerged as a leading Internet service provider. Technology is the driving force of Tikona Broadband, which uses 4th Generation Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) to provide you with unlimited Wi-Fi plans for your home.

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