What bandwidth is ‘High Speed Internet’

Internet Service Providers (ISP) often guarantee that they will deliver high speed internet at blazing speeds if you buy their highest bandwidth packages. This misinforms the consumers and leads them to believe that a higher bandwidth connection is synonymous to a faster internet connection and they opt for the given broadband plans. In fact, there are a dozen of factors that affect the user response time or speed and bandwidth is just a part of those several factors. The appropriate way to refer to bandwidth is NOT as speed but capacity.

Bandwidth is an age old term that preexists the dawn of computers and all other digital technologies. It is extensively used in analog technologies like acoustics, radio transmission and several others. In computing language, bandwidth is frequently used to indicate the quantity of data that is being transmitted at any given time. This is usually measured in bits per second with shared values expressed in thousands (kilobits per second, billions (gigabits per second) and in millions (megabits per second). Speed is simply a description of how fast things can be done. In computing, bandwidth and speed are repeatedly used interchangeably since they often mean the same thing.

A prime example where bandwidth directly relates to speed is when the user is downloading a file across the internet or network. Larger bandwidth means that additional files are being transferred at any given time. Therefore, the file would be downloaded at a much faster rate. This is also applies when you are surfing the Internet as larger bandwidth would result in video streaming smoother and web pages to be loading faster.

To attain the best possible speed for your Internet connection, it is not necessary to have a great bandwidth connection. It is also vital that your latency is low to make sure that the information reaches you swiftly enough. This only matters though if you have sufficient bandwidth as low latencies without enough bandwidth would result in a slow internet connection.

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What bandwidth is ‘High Speed Internet’

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