Why are videos loading slowly on high speed Internet

Have a high speed internet connection but your videos still load slowly and leave you annoyed and irritated? Your broadband internet connection used to be lightning quick but now just seems slower? A lot of people face this problem.

There are several possible reasons why this could be happening. For example, owing to technical glitches with you Internet Service Provider, your speed became slower than advertised. It could even be something at your end like you’re trying to loading a less compressed video than the one that usually requires more speed to not lag. Hence, more data is required to be downloaded per second.

Another reason could be that the website from which you are streaming is experiencing technical issues with related to the bandwidth or server. Or you maybe you’re downloading something else at the same time. Happens; a silent software update happening in the background, or a nasty virus slowing your system down, or even something as basic as one of your family members already streaming a video.

If you’re convinced that it is none of these reasons are responsible and your internet connection then you should consider a broadband speed test. Make sure you test from various servers, because sometimes some servers are not able to go as fast as your connection. There are some simple ways to speed up the internet connection from your end. Go to control panel on the computer. On the General tab, click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the Delete all offline content check box, and then click OK.

You can also stop choppy playback and slow video streaming by disabling the use of hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration causes irregular PC playback, application crashes and slow streaming video problems. This occurs because the option forces all video players to conform to one setting. By disabling this option, the individual player can set based on the requirements of the file.

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