Why do high speed internet connections have slow upload speed?

Slow Upload Speeds in High Speed Internet Connections

For several users, downloading files are much, much faster compared to uploading files. This is normal as maximum of high-speed Internet connections, including DSL and cable modems are asymmetric. They are designed to provide the user with a better download speed than upload. Since a majority of the users spend more time in downloading multimedia files or viewing web pages than they do uploading, high speed Internet providers have crafted their systems to give importance to downloading. So there is no surprise there if your upload speed appears to be way slower than your download speed.

Another aspect to be aware of is that providers advertise their speeds in kilobits. 8 bits = 1 byte, so the numbers advertised for your connection is generally much higher.

Your download and upload speeds will never match the maximum speed that is advertised by the internet service provider. Generally, the user gets only get 85-90% of the advertised maximum speed, and it’s very carefully stated in the small print of your service provider’s advertising that they only promise “up to” the maximum speed advertised. There are several reasons why this may happen. Firstly, your internet connection may be shared with other people in your neighborhood, building or society, so several users may be consuming the internet which inadvertently causes the internet to slow down. Secondly, servers may be busy downloading and uploading several files for numerous users, so they are unable to provide the maximum possible speed for your files. Lastly, other network activity on your computer may be the prime reason for a slowdown, since it must all share the same connection. If you’re trying to transfer two moderate or heavy files at the same time each of those transfers will go slow. Browsing the web or checking and composing your emails should have a very minor impact on transfer speeds as it doesn’t consume much of broadband internet.

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Why do high speed internet connections have slow upload speed?

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