Wi-Fi: A hassle free alternative to Wired Internet

The Internet is everywhere, from being just a PC technology few years ago, it has moved to many internet enabled devices used on a daily basis. Internet has inspired product innovations in devices such as Tablets, Smartphone’s & Smart TV’s and many new lifestyle utilities like Home Automation, Digital Cameras, etc.

A major driving force behind these innovations has been a technology that we all know as Wi-Fi. What is Wi-Fi? It is an indoor internet access technology that allows all internet enabled devices in Smart homes today to communicate with each other and to the Internet

Wi-Fi started as a complimentary technology to the wired in home connectivity standard – Ethernet. However, it has now become the preferred connectivity option due to the following benefits,

Wire Free Home 

External wiring is an eyesore after spending huge amount of money on interior decoration

Save Costs

Wiring involves huge cost and if you need to connect multiple rooms with Ethernet wired connectivity then it will leave a huge dent in your wallet

Use from Anywhere (in the home)

Unlike wired connection which allow access from a fixed location in the house, Wi-Fi allows you access from any room in your house from any devices

Connect Multiple Devices

There are no restrictions on the number of devices that can be connected on the Wi-Fi, unlike Ethernet which may allow maximum of 4 logins.

While we have a host of positive reasons to adopt the Wi-Fi technology, we must be aware of  its set challenges like signal interference, limited indoor range and security. These are not major road blocks or hindrances as they can be addressed with a proper planning to ensure a hassle free and secure Wi-Fi in your home.

Enjoy the wire free experience !!!

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